Sephora VS Korea : Battle of the masks

Since Sephora has released their Korean style fiber masks, I’ve been wondering if they were about the same or not and wanted to test them out.

I purchased two face masks at Sephora, in green tea and grenade, and am going to compare them with Innisfree & the Saem green tea and The Face Shop grenade.




Korean masks are all sold in a small and thin bag, that you can purchase by unit or by packs, which are often on sale and so less expensive. In Korea, the price for the basic ones is 1 000 won, meaning around 1 dollar or 0.70 euros.

On the other hand, Sephora has an unecessary cardboard. Not very eco-friendly. The bag itself is smaller and half-moon shaped. A unit cost me 3.95 euros, so I could have bought 5 Korean masks for one from Sephora.



Note that I don’t have any knowledge about beauty ingredients whatsoever, so I will judge based on:
– the quantity of green tea or pomegranate actually used in the mask, which is the key ingredient and what is marketed.
– the number of ingredients since we are advertised around natural ingredients

Green tea (camellia sinensis)

DSCN3164Sephora – 18th ingredient
Contains 23 ingredients (including 6 vegetal extracts)

DSCN3156 (2)

the Saem – 5th ingredient
Contains 22 ingredients (including 6 vegetal extracts)

DSCN3155 (2)

Innisfree – 7th (camellia leaf extract) and 15th (camellia japonica leaf extract)
Contains 25 ingredients (including 9 vegetal extracts)

Sephora masks, even if they advertise the presence of green tea, don’t use it that much since it is one of the last ingredients on the list. Which does not surprise me that much, but still! The Korean masks clearly do better.

Pomegranate (punica granatum)

Sephora – 12th ingredientDSCN3172
Contains 21 ingredients (including 6 vegetal extracts)


The Face Shop – 4th ingredient
Contains 20 ingredients (including 4 vegetal extracts)

There, the Korean masks do once again way better with the quantity of pomegranate inside the formula, but Sephora offers more vegetal ingredients than The Face Shop.

As a bonus, Korean masks explain where the ingredients come from and/or how the masks are made. Also, these are made in Korea, which have become a requested producer for beauty items; Sephora has them made in Taiwan, which sounds less trustworthy for a customer.




Green tea

Sephora – I can’t really smell any perfume, this is very light. Not very impregnated and thick mask. Very big.

the Saem – nice subtle perfume of green tea, thin mask and very moist – a bit too much as it ended dripping from my chin. Slightly big for me but easy to adjust.

Innisfree – Like the Saem, but just the right amount of moisture – no dripping – although I found the texture more agreable.

 Sephora – Same as green tea but… I didn’t like the smell personally. It doesn’t smell very fresh even if the scent is light.

The Face Shop – I was afraid it was going to drip, but my skin absorbed the moisture quickly. This kind of masks tend to let a sticky feeling on your skin, but for this one, this was really too sticky, I absolutely had to rinse it off because I couldn’t stand it.

Just to show you guys the difference of texture of the fabric:



Even if Sephora achieves a pretty decent result, Korean masks are still the best. They offer a better quality, for the texture and moisture of the fabric as for the ingredients used.
The design is, I guess, a matter of taste, but the price can’t compare.

Then, I guess you can go to Sephora if you can’t find Korean masks where you live; they’ll do the trick. But if you like to use them regularly, I think it will still cost less to buy some packs online (but be careful about your country’s customs policy).



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