Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition coming to Seoul

If you like Fashion and are staying in Seoul between March 26th and June 30th, you should definitely go to the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

It has been travelling around the world for some years, and now, thanks to the 130th anniversary year of friendly diplomatic relations between France and Korea, it is taking place in Seoul. Since I had the opportunity to visit it already in Paris in 2015, this post is about sharing a preview of it!
This exhibition was particularly fun to visit, thanks to the talking models AND the talking Jean-Paul! The mannequins had their head molded to fit holograms of them talking, whispering, having attitudes, just like if they were alive.


Talking Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Gaultier has been and still is one of the main French Designers in Paris. He has been shocking and recreating the fashion world since the 80s, finding inspiration from all around the world and through his own personal history, and inviting atypical celebrities to be a part of his shows. JPG doesn’t present ready-to-wear collections during fashion weeks anymore, but his Haute Couture shows are still very awaited. Through this exhibition, we (re)discover his most iconic pieces and collections, and the stage outfits he created for stars, from Madonna to Conchita Wurst.

If you happen to visit it, I would be glad to see some pictures or blog posts!


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