My experience with Korean cushions

If you’re not familiar with Korean beauty products, a cushion is a beauty item that has been trending for some years in Korea. It’s basically case containing a light foundation you apply with a flat sponge (case which you can refill). This is a cc cream kind of foundation with light to medium coverage, which makes your skin glowy, glossy. But nowadays, you can find bb cream (skin79) or matte finish (iope) cushions too. They are so successful every Korean beauty brands have their own line(s) of cushions. It has even crossed the frontiers of Asia, since Lancôme issued their Miracle Cushion last year and L’Oréal just released the Lumi Cushion.

Recently, Korean beauty brands started enlarging their range of skin tones for their skin products, but still, you mainly have two generic colors, number 21 and 23. These are light to medium skin tone, but not fit for fairest or tanned to dark skin.

The first cushion I’ve been using was the Screen Cell cushion from The Face Shop, which is not sold anymore. The formula really made your skin look perfect but wasn’t really making it throughout the day. Moreover, even if I took shade number 21, it still looked too orangy for my fair skin. I only wore it occasionally during the summer, when my skin was slightly tanned, but it ended up in the trashbag one year later.
I would recommend The Face Shop products, but it just doesn’t suit me well.411rqifsell-_sy300_

For a year, I had been using a BB cream from Skin79 quite daily, the Lovely Girl one. I had liked it a lot, since the skintone matched well and it had medium coverage, but the texture was thick. Still, if you are striggling with acne, this also acts as a skincare and prevents sebum to ruin your makeup.
Anyways, I searched for a cushion at Skin79, thinking that maybe I would found something like this BB cream. I indeed found something, but something different. It was a BB cream cushion with almost a matte finish. This even contains a bit of gold, which is supposedly good for your skin. It seemed like it was the lightest one and there was a promotion so I bought it.
And actually, this is a good product. Just like the BB cream I used to wear, it felt a bit thick (compared to usual cushions) but the result was definitely good. Actually, I’ve never seen a skin product that would hide them big pores more than this one. BUT. The color, guys, the color… too orange for me again. Even if it looked ok inside of the shop. I was so disappointed. I was thinking that maybe I should go ask those girl with pale white foundation (clearly not matching the sintone of their necks) where they bought it.

Finally, I found THE cushion. It felt like a miracle when I found out that there was a shade number 13 at Innisfree, my now go-to beautyshop in Korea. What’s curious is that the shade differs a bit following the formula of the cushion. There are three kinds of them. The first is Long Wear, which is, like the name says, supposed to last all day. The Water Glow one is making your skin look extra shiny. And I’d advise you to be careful, because even if dewy skin is trendy now, you don’t want to have too much glow on your skin (like Gain on the red carpet).
The third one that I adopted is the Ampoule Intense Cushion. This formula is more hydrating for your skin, so they also promote it as the “Winter cushion”. I use the two versions of it: the original one, when my skin looks okay, and the cover one, when I have some rednesses or when a pimple shows up. This is still slightly glowy for me, so I generally had a fine veil of loose matifying powder. It doesn’t last all day, so you might need to retouch it a bit, but with a cushion, this is very practical!

If you are searching for a cushion, there is only one thing to do: swatch, swatch, and swatch again. There is so many products to try, it takes some time to find the right one for you.
If you are buying it online, you definitely have to read reviews or test some friend’s products… Good luck!


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