Unusual things you see in Korea

 Of course, when you travel, you experience a bit of culture shock. Here are a glimpse of what you can come across everyday while walking Korean streets.

Bars or restaurants owned by celebrities
I don’t really know why, but it seems like every respectable celebrity or their family has to own one of those. I guess it is a good investment. Plus, it’s pretty useful for them to sell some goodies or merchandise.


Advertisements for plastic surgery
I guess you already heard about this a lot due to the taste of Korean people for surgery. The number of these ads increases as you approach Gangnam and its streets filled with beauty clinics. As for the people, you might see some unnatural beauties; but most of the time, you don’t even notice if they went under the knife.



Weird [Fashion] brand names/slogans/tshirt messages
Ok. We get it, you love Jesus. But why write it on the walls of your clothing shop?20151210_204712


Languages mistakes. MISTAAAAAKES.
Ok, should I had something here? The picture says everything.IMG_20140809_141939 - Copie


It’s not really unusual, but I’ve seen a lot for Cat and Dog cafes in Seoul. Oh, and, Soju bottles too.20150821_195251


Idols birthday wishes
If you are a Kpop fan, you might already know about these. Fans buy advertisement spaces to wish a Happy Birthday to their favorite idols. Most of the time, you see them in the subways, even inside the train.


Stray cats everywhere in Seoul
They are hiding under cars, living from the trash, running from you as they hear your footsteps. We had one meowing to us to get some food, so we bought some milk.


I saw this very strange sculpture in front of the National Folk Museum. And was lost. To a foreigner like me, it wouldn’t evoque anything. It appears this represents a children game for Korean people, that they play at school during break time. Sometimes, you just run into peculiar things like that.
IMG_20140722_160004 - Copie


Craft cafes
In these cafes, you can have fun and make something aside from drinking your coffee. Generally, you draw on figurines, but here, you can also make a ring or a bracelet.20150906_155033


Mechanical parking lots
In Japan and in Korea, due to a lack of space, you can find these mechanical parking lots which place your car up or down, just like an elevator. This is actually brilliant and I wonder why we don’t have it all around the world.20151130_151944


Subway retailers
In the subway, especially in the suburb trains, you sometimes have a retailer demonstrating a product in front of the passengers. Most of the time, it’s household products, but I’ve also seen “beauty” products, like a cucumber slicer to turn your vegetable into a beauty mask.20150826_112957


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