Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics

I first heard about Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics when I saw the announcement posters on my local Wonderplace. I was excited because I was watching the successfull show week after week at that time, but I was also thinking the quality might be crap and they just wanted to use the name to get more money from the show.
So when it had finally been released in the shop, I was really surprised by the products; quality was good, eyeshadow, liner, pencil colors were beautiful, and I like the modern design as well. I would be watching it constantly when I was shopping, and at last I bought myself some of these products.

First product I bought was the contouring palette. I am so happy about it because I have fair skin and every contouring product I ever tried made me orangy streaks on the cheeks. You have one pearly highlighting color, with very fine sparkle, very discreet and which I like a lot because I’m not fond of putting sparkles all over my face. And then you have two matte shades, which are buildable and not pigmented enough to make huge mistakes, which was very convenient for me. It definitely brings some more definition to your face without going full Kardashian, so I think you can use it on a regular basis.

The concealer came in two shades, and I obviously took the lighter one. It stills looks kind of orangy on my skin, but it’s not bad to fight those dark circles. Also, the formula is very liquid and light on the skin; it blends easily with your skintone.
The applicator is not as soft as it seems and is a bit irritating if you really use it on your undereyes, so I just dab the product on the spot and blend it with a brush.

I also bought one of the shades of lipstick for 9 900 wons. It is called Vampire Purple and is an insolent violet-fuschia color on the lips, the kind of color I’ve been searching for some time at an affordable price.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay for long on the lips, but it feels very hydrating, but maybe slighty too greasy for my taste.

I kind of regret I didn’t buy some eye products, but the colors didn’t match my weird eye color. I was definitely in love with the dark blue liner with metallic blue sparkles.


In the end, I recommend the brand! The products are very affordable for the quality of it and they have some unique products and shades in store. You can buy them in every Wonderplace store around Korea and online following this link, but only in Korea.


3 thoughts on “Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics

    • I did try them in stores, but the colors didn’t really match my eyes well or are to close to products I already use.
      But you’re right, the texture of the eye products were great, especially the fluid shadow, which I saw you picked!
      I do hope it was not just a one collection thing, and that they will release a new collection with the new season of Unpretty Rapstar!


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