Henri Vibskov exhibition in Seoul

Taking place in Daelim museum, the exhibition soberly entitled Fabricate retraces Henrik Vibskov career as an artist and designer. The Deutch artist sure as a peculiar universe, that can be a bit borderline opposed to the still conservative Korean social culture. This exhibition presents Fashion pieces as well as canvas, sculptures, any form of Art, which can be inspiring.

But this universe, as well dark as psychedelic sets a very strong atmosphere in the tiny museum that is Daelim museum. Recreating the runway sets really helps the visitors to enter the mood of such or such collection, and these settings are to me as much important as are the clothes. I think the work of presentation and lightning of the pieces is really a good realization.
If you plan to visit, be prepared to enter a very strange world!

                           DSCN1219 DSCN1218


The exhibition will be held until December the 31st of 2015 and the ticket price is 5000 wons. Since Daelim museum is a small place, it takes approximately 30 minutes to visit, which also explains the low price of the entrance.
To find more information about the exhibition or Henri Vibskov’s work, I recommend that you visit the Daelim museum website (where you will also find useful informations on the location).


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