5 small gifts you can bring from South Korea for your friends

When you’re visiting a country, you might want to bring back some gifts for your friends. Still we’re kind of broke, and have no space left in ou luggage. If you’re wondering what to bring back from Korea to your friends, here’s my personal top 5 of small gifts you could make!

1- Face tissue masks. I know this sounds pretty common, but these masks are so popular and addictive that some girl friends might really appreciate them. You have a lot of choice for every skin type, using benefits from any fruit or food or flower… ANYTHING, even GOLD AND CAVIAR. I suggest you enter a shop from the one brand doing sales at the moment (there’s always one, they’re taking turns, that’s crazy), and go for a big pack where you can have very interesting discounts (from 50% to 70% generally, depending on the quantity).


2 – Socks. Why bring back socks to your friends? Because they’re absolutely adorable, funny, cheap and lighweighted in a piece of luggage. You have superheroes, Disney princesses, anime characters, Kpop idols or whatever cute thing. When I say cheap, it’s generally 1,000 wons. CHEAP. And suitable for anyone (actually one size too). A small personalized gift to choose accordingly to each of your friends’ tastes.

3 – Random weird beauty products or snacks. Because THERE ARE. And you can bring back several to test them out with your friends and have a good laugh. Don’t forget to snapchat


Silicon masks for lips… still gotta try it

4 – Small beauty products. Once again, you want it not to weight or take space for your flight back home. Since Seoul is the new innovative city for cosmetics and you find loads of things you can only find in Asia, that’s something people might like. My go-to would be cute nail art polishes, since it’s very trendy and you can’t find a lot of different nail art products outside Asia. But why not neutral lip colored products, or nice sparkly liners, or a limited edition someting with a nice packaging? Last year was Disney “Princess Happy Ending” collab with Etude House, and just the packaging made me fall in love with everything. Once again, just be sure about your friends’ tastes.

5 – “Traditional” items. You can find some fans, bookmarkers, keyrings, stamps inspired by Korean tradition at reasonable prices around Insadong. Of course, none of it is genuinely traditional and all made for tourists, but we are talking about gifts on a budget here. For tea lovers, you might afford some delicious Korean tea, but it costs a bit more.

So, here are my five relatable kind of gifts. I hope it will inspire you into finding something suitable for each of your friends!


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