pushBUTTON (푸시버튼)

pushBUTTON is a women’s wear brand created in 2003 by designer Seunggun Park. It quickly gained fame because of its audacious creations, and the pushBUTTON came to realize many collaborations with Puma, Harvey Nichols or Liger, and also issued collaborative cosmetic products. pushBUTTON likes to be described as funny and innovative, and since its website is filled with informations, I will just encourage you to visit it! (link at the end of the article)

collaboration PUMA x pushBUTTON


pushBUTTON also publishes a creative magazine by Seunggun Park called ‘wwuu‘.fur is over!

under also over

Let’s take a look at some of pushBUTTON’s collection.

And we’ll start off with the latest one, inspired by Frida Kahlo


101_45 101_25 101_01 104_17


‘If Frida Kahlo were alive, what would she look like today?’



AW 2014: Supernormal stimuli
‘‘Supernormal Stimuli’: it’s defined by one psychologist that means an ‘instinct’ just attracted to the artificial one, not to the natural part.‘


16_01 16_036 16_023 16_040

SS 2012: Success or Love, Love or Success
‘pushBUTTON has prepared this collection […] for those women who do not choose clothes to “look good to others,” and who work and embellish themselves for their down enjoyments and satisfaction.‘

This last one in my personal favorite. For the message it tries to convey as well as for the purity of those dresses. I do fancy those head ornaments too!

website: http://www.pushbutton.co.kr/ (where all the pictures in the article are from)
more shots from ‘wwuu’: http://pushbuttonbooks.com/88e96c7433e6c125728f2be4697858cf

e-boutique : http://pushbutton-e-boutique.com/
collaboration with excuse me seoul (SHOES!) : http://www.excusemeseoul.com/  
witter: @pushBUTTONseoul
nstagram: pushbutton_official


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