Eat Your Kimchi

Eat Your Kimchi is a Youtube Channel hold by a Canadian couple, Simon and Martina, living in Seoul. Their videos are adressed mainly to people with an interest in Korea, but can help to get to know more about Korean lifestyle.

  • TL;DR videos are talking about a subject viewers have been asking for
  • WTF Korea is reviewing strange and unknown products they found
  • WANK is generally presenting places in Korea (cafes, restaurants…)
  • FAP FAP videos are reviews of delicious food
  • DICKS, presented by Suzy and Leigh, is learning you Korean slangwords

They also have a second channel, Open the Happy, which are short funny videos, lots of them with their pets (Spudgy the dog and Dr.Meemersworth the cat). You can find even more contents on their blog.

Eat Your Kimchi is a very funny way to get more familiar with South Korea. The Eat Your Kimchi crew will make you smile and laugh a lot, and at the same time reflect on social issues in the country. If you go to Seoul, don’t hesitate to stop by You are Here cafe (in collaboration with Talk to Me in Korean)  to get a yummy treat!

Go discover Eat Your Kimchi Youtube channel! >>> <<<


You are Here cafe opening last summer!


I grabbed my chance to take a picture with Martina









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