Lie Sang Bong

After he began his carrer as an actor, Lie Sang Bong left the theatres for the catwalks and wins in 1983 his first award (Central Design Contest). But he presents his first collection named “The Reincarnation” at Seoul Fashion Week 10 years later. His fame grows quickly and makes him elected “Designer of the year 1999” by Seoul mayor. Lie Sang Bong starts organizing runways in Paris in 2002 and spends therefore quite some time in the Fashion capital.

Lie Sang Bong gets inspired by many things, amongst them architecture, cubist painting, 30s cinema, and mixes his Asian influences with European visual culture.

His feminine, elegant and chiselled shaped figures are the designer’s strength. Fabrics works are often advanced and innovative, to the point where the clothe transforms into jewelry. Lie Sang Bong, Art lover, combines wonderfully grace and modern, poetry and graphism from his inspirations. Even if his creations are trendy, they have this timeless something.

Lie Sang Bong, also called “Korean McQueen” has just like formerly Alexander seduced international stars such as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. He now tries to enter the restricted club of Haute-Couture.

Lie Sang Bong is the first South Korean designer I fell in love with. Even though his creations doesn’t age and always keep this elegance I adore, he also have this audacity that makes everything new and unique.


By clicking the link, you can discover a short interview about his view on Paris and his hopes for South Korean Fashion (in French):

Official website:

Official twtter (brand): OfficialLSB

Official twitter (designer): lsbparis


His collection “I believe I can fly” filled with butterflies for Asian Couture Fashion Week in Bangkok, 2012




Fall-Winter 2012 and its metallic laced armor




Circles superpositions, Fall-Winter 2008




Mottled feathers from the Fall-Winter collection in 2010


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